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The importance of wedding videos

Wedding Videos, wedding films or wedding videographer. In any of those cases, I love to immortalize moments and details of people who is getting marry, their environment, their families, their friends... One of the passion i have in my life is to make wedding films. Social reportage is getting a very impresive level, wedding ́s market requires increasingly a high level product. Photograph a wedding or to Film it is a big responsibility, for me its not only this, its a way to be surrounded with emotions and feelings from one of the most importants day on the life of a couple and i love to be a witness of all this. I have traveled countless countries looking for special love stories, that kind of love that moves the world. Im so lucky to be able to capture with my camera all those stories, its one of the most beautiful jobs i ever had, to make these videos that go straigh to your heart.

Just to think, in 15 or 20 year you could remember those moments, your family, your friends, to see how much the smaller have grown, feeling emotions that give you goosebumps. That for me its priceless. See your video in the future will move all those feelings making you go back in time and live it all again. This is one of the best sensations the human being can have, the memories of your beloved ones, their voices, their gazes and their hugs it is invaluable. If a good photography is emotional, imagina if that same pic could move, imagina how much can make you feel with a soundtrack that takes you right back to that same moment!

Our wedding movies are done and thought out to be timeless in a elegant, emotional and attractive way. This will make your wedding film last in time and not be just a product that will be out of fashion in a few years. Think about the new generations to come, its so beautiful to imagine them able to feel what happened many years ago, and adove all they wil do it in the same way you felt it the first time you saw your video.