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Questions and prices.

Our movies start at € 3,600. We have learned to give our work the value it deserves . However, the value of your memories is priceless.

We are not better than other videographers, but we have a unique style, and that makes us different.


What do we do?

Wedding movies. Throughout these years, we have acquired the necessary knowledge to understand the wonderful world around as great as it is, the bond between two people who love each other. We try to mingle ourselves between guests and family without attracting too much attention, picking up on our

cameras special moments, glances, hugs and love. Everything unadorned made, movies straight to the

heart, to listen to , feel, cry and laugh. 


What equipment do we use?

Any current camera that allows us to pick a single moment, our world is moved by feelings, everything else is superficial and fleeting, so we think. Our philosophy has led us to have a unique product with a visible identity. We do not sell equipment, we tell stories. Our custom color look, our way of telling each story, our photography in each detailed frame, taste in music ... in short, is a set of skills that makes us known in the industry as a mark of author.


How many are we?

Santi Veiga and an assistant, Eduardo Richart. To tell a story is more than enough. More people would

crowd and the two of us we are very attune and secure in what we do. We make a great team.


The wedding day?

We are during the event and for an hour and a half after opening the bridal dance, but sometimes we are so happy among the guests that we just don´t look at the clock.


Do we move?

Yes! every corner of our Spanish geography and worldwide.


What we deliver?

Our final product is a film - Short film - 20/25 minutes. Is the pure essence of what happened before, during and after your wedding, told flawlessly, "less is more", a documentary, with a vision and a very personal style. One visually attractive way to tell the story, full of excitement, from start to finish. We can also project a short summary SDE (Same Day Edit), the day of the wedding and during the banquet. In addition, some extras to have details saved for life. All in a "Deluxe" box specially designed for Santi Veiga, internally provided with Pen drive HD + gift.



Madrid - Barcelona - Sevilla - Cordoba - Galicia - Valencia - Mallorca - Santander - Asturias

Alemania - Francia - Reino Unido - Portugal - Brasil - Perú - Argentina 


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Reír, llorar, temblar, soñar con lo desconocido, sorprenderse con lo inesperado, captar pequeños momentos de magia ¡emocionarse! eso es...

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