Over recent years, we've had requests from couples in various parts of the world. Destination weddings are no longer a dream, now, next to one of the videographers with more projection of time, Gui Dalzoto, we have created a society that allows us to apply two visions and two ways of understanding a wedding to offer a product incredibly emotional and full of great visual impact. We go anywhere in the world for your wedding video, a film itself, building a story, your story, with a highly emotional content that will remain forever in your memory and your family and friends. Dalzoto and Veiga, is a trademark of author. We spent many years in the pursuit of perfection of an exclusive product. We travel together where you need us, to collect all the details with great care, love and delicacy for work. We want to tell your story from within, make us complicit with you and create a unique and exclusive movie about one of the most wonderful days of your life. Now you have the opportunity to have at your wedding two producers, two visions and a story, your story.

In 2012, Gui Dalzoto came to Europe to meet in person the best wedding photographers and videographers. We have been really good friends since then. our friendship has been growing and getting stronger and now even we do work projects together.

In all these years we made big productions together, we are a very attuned team and have clear ideas on how to create amazing wedding movies.

Some of the countries we have been working together: 


        Filmmaker - GUI DALZOTO - Brasil
Filmmaker - GUI DALZOTO - Brasil
Filmmaker - SANTI VEIGA - España
Filmmaker - SANTI VEIGA - España

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When applying Dalzoto-Veiga service for your wedding day, you have the next service. We cover the entire event, the day of the wedding from start to finish. In addition, we develop most of your history days before, love story, as we traveled in advance to know you better and adapt the wedding film effectively. We produce a SDE (Same Day Edit) , a small clip of 4 minutes with the best wedding images and some parts recorded in the previous days, then we project during the banquet or party . The total wedding film lasts 25 min, at the most. That's the final product that you receive, no later than 20 days and in HD quality, right after your wedding, in your email ready for download with a code so that only you can enjoy it or share it with your best friends and also, if you allow it, it will be housed in the video section of international weddings.



Once you submit the questionnaire, if we have the wedding date free , the couple takes care of the two passages and stay. We need to be in place three days before and two after the wedding, to make a product totally unique and exclusive for our clients. Our mission is to deliver an authentic wedding movie, based on his true story, dialogues, with emotional and elegant content, a great soundtrack, great care on every plane and pampering to the last detail, to make it a part that continues to thrill their children and family, through the years. Our main task is to describe and surprise, since love moves the world.