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Spanish wedding videographer.

Since you stopped in this section to know me a little better, I tell you that, "I am not the video guy" I'm a wedding videographer - videomaker - so we like to call all who are dedicated to this wonderful profession.

I'm Gallego but based in Seville, to which I owe so much for welcoming me with open arms and giving me so much affection and love, also for making me feel part of this big family like Andalusia, without losing sight of the North, I I am proud to live in one of the most beautiful land in the world.

I tell stories about couples full of passion and feeling, i do it my way, with simplicity, with my own style beyond fashion trends, I do not intend to appeal to everyone. i just you to like my work. I like playing football, walking my dogs, running alone, buy lenses and old cameras and put heart and desire for what I do, and for several years, trying to grow, learn and form me tirelessly to bring you the most beautiful memories of your wedding.


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Honors and Awards


Throughout these years as wedding videographer, I tried to grow tirelessly to offer a product worthy of our customers. Making videos of weddings is something that fills me inside, telling stories of couples and family is a wonderful experience. Sectors and global organizations have been very aware of my work. These are the awards in the sector "wedding video” that some of the most prestigious organizations in the world have given to the result of hours, courses and personal learning in search of an identity when creating wedding movies. My gratitude is to each of them for taking me to every corner of the world.



Mejor videógrafo de bodas de Europa WEVA - BEST VIDEOGRAPHER 2011-2012

2º Premio Mejor Love Story Europeo WEVA - BEST LOVE STORY  2012-2013

1º Premio edición el mismo día Europeo - BEST SDE 2013

2º Premio en manejo de equipos 2013 WEVA

3º Premio mejor colorista video 2013 WEVA

1º Premio Inspiration Santi Veiga+Gui Dalzoto 2014

Premio LENTE de OURO Brasil 2014


1º Premio Mejor video "SDE" INSPIRATIONS 8ª Edición 2015

2º Premio Wedding Trailer INSPIRATIONS INTERNACIONAL 8ª Edición 2015

Mejor Videomaker Internacional INSPIRATIONS AWARDS FILMS 2015

Premio LENTE de OURO Brasil 2016


TOP25 Videomaker Europeo 2011

TOP25 Videomaker Europeo 2012

TOP15 Videomaker Europeo 2013

TOP15 Videomaker Europeo 2014

TOP20  Videomaker España  2014

TOP20  Videomaker Mundial 2015




"Miembro Premium de la Asociación de videógrafos de Europa"

"Reconocimiento en la revista en EE.UU PUNTOMAGAZINE"

"Ponencia para Weva Latino en Los Angeles 2011"


"Entrevista para el equipo World Experience 2012" 

"Speaker en Brasil 2013 Wedding Brasil"

"Speaker en Italia 2013 Forum"

"Reconocimiento en Diario ABC"

"Reconocimiento diario FARO DE VIGO"

"Miembro del jurado Cameramani-Romania 2014"

"Reconocimiento en RTVG 2014 - Televisión Gallega"

"Videografo seleccionado UnionWep España"

"Speaker en Foro de Fotografos Europa 2014"

"Speaker para PHOTOS TV Brasil 2014"

"Miembro jurado Cameramani-Romania 2015"

"Miembro del jurado Lente de Ouro 2015"

"Speaker Wedding Brasil 2015 - Make Movie"

"Speaker Forum Bulgaria 2015"

"Speaker Wedding Select Brasil 2015"

"Speaker Cascavel Image Brasil 2015"

"Speaker en FOVITECH - PERU 2015"

"Speaker Master Class Photographer Mexico 2015"

"Entrevista para la revista EDITORA PHOTOS 2015"

"Speaker en BODAF EUROPA - Madrid 2016"

"Miembro del jurado UNIONWEP sección video 2016"

"Miembro del Jurado Cameramani-Romania 2016"

"Speaker MAKE MOVIE Brasil 2016 workshops"

"Speaker FIOF ITALIA 2016"

"Speaker EXPOFOTO Portugal 2016"

"Speaker VIDEOTAKE Portugal 2016"


Spanish wedding videographer:

Reír, llorar, temblar, soñar con lo desconocido, sorprenderse con lo inesperado, captar pequeños momentos de magia ¡emocionarse! eso es...

SANTI VEIGA | life&emotions



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